Goodnight Saigon by Billy Joel


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Keep listening to the song, no error video starts at 0:36 Sec when Billy Joel starts singing!

lady_divabe 3 Mar 2013

Some Billy Joel to get the week started.   3

metallicagirl 18 Aug 2014

Billy Joel is forty days older than me, I had exactly the same feelings he had at the time. He objected to the reasons behind The Vietnam War, and had thought about draft dodging, but he never got called. He wrote this song based on the lives of some of his soldier buddies who managed to get back home. They asked him to write it. I've never heard a modern song that more demonstrates the obscenity of war than this. For all that, it still manages to be a brilliant song in its own right. #ILikeHimHopeYouDoToo.   4

jovisgoesnuts 1 Apr 2014

Signing off with my#finaljam in the #timj #finaljamparty - "And we will all go down together" See you on GJ and Nusiki. #cantstopthemusic   1

shellauw 25 Sep 2015

There was never a song that portrayed the horror of The Vietnam war quite like this one.

jovisgoesnuts 9 May 2013

We would all go down together. We would war no more.

MJonesStudio 26 May 2013