Me And Mrs. Jones by Billy Paul

“Valentine's Day Special”

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Valentine's Day Special

toonfan 16 Feb 2015

So, the last few weeks of an extraordinary meeting place for like-minded, non-YooToob testosterone filled loony toon, music lovin’, friendlier than ‘yer actual bestest friend, Jamsters, is finally upon us. Some will Loop, some will Nusiki, some will disappear altogether. However, perhaps above all else, this little cherished community will lose the one thing that made it particularly remarkable...the simple fact that it was like nothing else. Today’s Jam, has been on my list, for quite a time. I couldn’t think of a specific link or event that could accompany it & to be honest, that hasn’t changed. Aye, it’s a wee bit naughty, but it’s an absolute stone cold soul classic. An old pal of mine, who had a wee ahem, fling, with a married (unhappily, so she said...hmmm) lady, said that whenever this song came on the radio, he was certain his wife could hear his sphincter creaking loudly. If ya’ can’t do the time, don’t do the crime. Whatever. Pack up ‘yer affairs in ‘yer old kitbag & enjoy...   74

21schizoid 1 Sep 2015

"....We got a thing going on..."

catfunt 28 Aug 2012

This song is amazing. Really gets you in a good laid back mood. #groovy

dante622 26 Jun 2015

Oh!!! popped up and won´t leave!!!!!   40

natyblooming 27 Nov 2013

Too smooth for #funkyfriday ? Another Soul Train jam, I could watch these all day.   1

kdd 7 Mar 2014