Nothing from nothing 1975 by Billy Preston

“Always lifts my mood to watch and listen to crazy Mr Preston !”

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Always lifts my mood to watch and listen to crazy Mr Preston !

jazzlyn 16 Feb 2014

This is the jaaam!!

Shanese 1 Dec 2014

The support act (Luca Sapio) of Sharon Jones played this song yesterday. This is a performance of Billy Preston on the unsurpassed TV show Soul Train   2

Riekent 8 Nov 2014

Ya know, despite the logical part of my brain knowing 'Be Kind, Rewind' wasn't an amazing movie, I still kinda love it. Is that unforgivable? @constantinople

panofthepipes 25 Feb 2015

I turn 40 in 4 days and I've been looking through the charts from my birth week to find a jam that marks the occasion. #1 that week was 'Rock Me Gently' by Andy Kim but not only is it a terrible song, it didn't quite have the right feel. Olivia Newton-John was in the #2 spot, also not promising, but then - there at #3 - was Billy Preston. A fantastic jam and a song I've always loved. So, here it is, my birthday jam, direct from 1974. Now, someone pass me a glass of champagne and a xanax.   6

jenmaselli 21 Sep 2014


candelinthewind 3 Mar 2014