Summertime by Billy Stewart

dylan.todd’s jam on 3 Jul ’15 and then once after that (See all)

“Just pretend I set this for my jam for the next few months.”

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but jeb was first  

Just pretend I set this for my jam for the next few months.   2

dylan.todd 3 Jul 2015

Just in case we don't get anymore nice weather in the UK until October ...   1

DrRubberfunk 30 Mar 2012

The Greatest. Summer Song. Of All Time.   2

JustinMcElroy 31 May 2012

Brrrrrr... Chuck-Chuck... Uh.. Yeh.The greatest version of Summertime. From the Album, Unbelievable. Released, 1965.

Stickan 25 Jun 2015

a track i heard on the Freakier Zone, from a show called Five Tracks I'd Never Have Heard Without WFMU #dubscat   3

bignonioides 26 May 2015

Of the umpteen versions of Gershwin's 'Summertime', this version by Billy Stewart is one of my favourites. He takes it round the park for a good walk and then blows the roof off for good measure. Blinding.   3

Urmstonguy78 26 Jul 2014