Army of Me by Björk

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but hernanderson was first  

Björk as arctic demiurge. Of course she is, don't be silly.

wdonohue 4 Oct 2014

Watching sucker punch on heard this version of a bjork classic! Epic   1

Oldy86 11 Aug 2013

Never in a trillion years would I predict I'd listen to Björk. Or like Björk. *shrug*   4

nate_ltd 14 Dec 2013

Enjoy!   2

Zergonoid 8 Aug 2014

I'm so late to the party that it's over, but I thought I'd offer my take on #ABCsOfMe by going by song title. "Post" is one of my all time favorite albums, and this subtle tune got me into it.   1

daftmonk 23 Jan 2015

Just badass. This song is - Just - Bad - Ass - #Goth #Industrial #Killer @worfrat71

AaronCobain 28 Jun 2015