Cocoon by Björk

“Who would've known”

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Who would've known

starprince 19 Mar 2015

The best song ever written! Childlike innocence meets an adult theme to create a beauty as fragile as a cocoon! And what a cocoon it weaves me in and places me gently, undisturbed for the next four minutes!

alexandrmihlzen 3 Sep 2015

got this as a 5.1 edition recently... however only three of my surround speakers are now working. so I've been enjoying it in immersive 2.1 sound!   2

bluetapes 1 Sep 2013

Some thoughts by me about Vespertine:

bluetapes 3 Sep 2012

This video is truly terrifying.   1

jessicafrey 3 Apr 2012


mikekelly 26 Sep 2013