Human Behaviour by Björk


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I don't know why I didn't listen to Bjork sooner. Something not from the 70's for once! #bjork   5

bankstatement 23 Jul 2015

..definitely no logic

fuijueves 31 Aug 2015

And there's no map And a compass wouldn't help at all Yeah, uncertain

nemomeme 2 Sep 2015

Classic Bjork   1

Vickipedia 2 Sep 2015

Sometimes I wonder about human behavior...

tjehan 2 Jul 2013

Hi all, our latest post continues our History of the Pop Video series, this time looking at the rise of the auter in the 90's, people such as Michel Gondry who directed this and many other videos. We hope you enjoy! :-)   2

MVD 8 Jan 2015