Hyperballad by Björk

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like carpets, bottles, and cutlery-- carpets, cuttles, and . . . bottlery

SOflyLy 25 Jun 2015

Continues to be one of the greatest, most brutally honest songs ever.   3

ifjuly 23 May 2012

inspired by a Hákarl, Brennivín, Gullfoss and Blue Lagoon filled weekend   3

J_Dub 26 Nov 2012

For some reason, this was stuck in my head this morning. That's my reason for posting it.

Ewan_M 3 Jul 2015

CD selection for Iceland road trip done! Got the Oldham got the Sprout, got the Timberlake (he won't be allowed on) and of course the Bjork. All bases covered I think... Now just got to get through the flight. *cries*   4

stellakoto 13 Apr 2014

Bjork's masterpiece "Post" was released 20 years ago this week. It's amazing from top to bottom. This is track 2.

daftmonk 18 Jun 2015