Pagan Poetry by Björk


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I just got my copy of the Vespertine reissue. This track is breathtakingly gorgeous.

GypsumFantastic 16 Mar 2015

Our 18th anniversary... crazy how time flies. Very fortunate.   1

jdeleven 28 Nov 2012

She makes me want to hand myself over

starprince 21 Mar 2015

me and Z listening to Vespertine and at the chorus of this song screaming: "Don't do it girl!!! He's no good for you! Run!" #wetakethisshitpersonally

auriea 26 Jan 2015

I have had this playing very loudly in my head for the last 24 hours so I thought I had better jam it. Dark mornings are making me grumpy!   15

abigail.deeks 18 Sep 2013

I'd love to go to the Björk exhibition at MoMA. @bjork #bjork #MoMABjork #BjorkMoMA #MoMA   2

jaxxon 5 Mar 2015