T.V. Party by Black Flag


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Not sure why this got stuck in my head today...

joshhornik 13 Mar 2013

I gots Gorgonzola, Walnut, & Apple ravioli, a Malbec the merchant said could handle it but I'm skeptical, kitties, comic, and teevee. You can't hurt me.

sciencegrrl 6 Sep 2014

If this is the stupidest song you hear all day, you're having a good day.

MrUmlaut 18 Jun 2015

Mike's Music interview Archive: Black Flag... Well, sort of Black Flag...without Greg Ginn, who's apparently impossible to deal with, and Henry Rollins, who has better things to do...this lineup is fronted by Keith Morris of the Circle Jerks, who actually started out as Black Flag's original vocalist...he was also really fun to talk to: http://triblive.com/aande/music/4096255-74/flag-band-morris#axzz3iqXesNAF   3

vomitsunami 15 Aug 2015

My weekend.   2

nikkinikki 21 Dec 2013