Iron Man by Black Sabbath

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Just saw the mighty Sabbath at #Hellfest , and I've got to say, they really rocked! I had already seen Ozzy live, and he had some problems singing, but when he played allong with Black Sabbath he totally nailed it! And god, Tommy Iommi is a total bad-ass! I really can say that yesterday I re-discovered the great band that Black Sabbath still is.

Zango 23 Jun 2014

#firewoodmissionatthebeach #mixtape

DaveWild 29 Jun 2014

At last we must go back to the beginning Makes sense ....   1

peibolskan 26 Aug 2015

Can't wait for the concert in April!   2

MatthewWilson1 26 Dec 2012

Another of my first albums was "We Sold Our Soul For Rock and Roll" by Black Sabbath. Bought with vouchers from HMV in Birmingham. Can still remember the slight surprise in the face of the salesperson as this kid that could barely reach the counter handed over a Sabbath album. Ace gatefold on this too with a woman lying in a coffin holding a glowing cross. Records had the best packaging.   2

silentbazz 11 Jan 2015

Looking forward to seeing this in about 24 hours time   2

juffery 3 Jul 2014