Iron Man by Black Sabbath

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Can't wait for the concert in April!   2

MatthewWilson1 26 Dec 2012

Writing the evaluation for my installation on Iron Man (the superhero). Also, this song is legendary!   3

IndiHatter 15 Feb 2013

At last we must go back to the beginning Makes sense ....   1

peibolskan 26 Aug 2015

Just saw the mighty Sabbath at #Hellfest , and I've got to say, they really rocked! I had already seen Ozzy live, and he had some problems singing, but when he played allong with Black Sabbath he totally nailed it! And god, Tommy Iommi is a total bad-ass! I really can say that yesterday I re-discovered the great band that Black Sabbath still is.

Zango 23 Jun 2014

Rifftastic   3

metabrew 29 Nov 2011

#firewoodmissionatthebeach #mixtape

DaveWild 29 Jun 2014