Paranoid by Black Sabbath

“Kicking off the week with some Sabbath.”

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Kicking off the week with some Sabbath.   4

metallicagirl 23 Mar 2014

Sabbath tonight! It's going to be awesome.   4

MatthewWilson1 27 Apr 2013


theprogrammer 29 Apr 2015

SNES Rock N' Roll Racing forever.

twinfountain 7 Mar 2012

People think I'm insane because I am frowning all the time   1

clareall 12 Jan 2015

On one hand, I hate to do back-to-back Sabbath so close to TIMJ wrapping up. On the other hand, I love doing back-to-back Sabbath, because they're awesome. Anyway, the "Paranoid" album turns 45 today. I remember, five years ago, thinking that I was getting old because one of my favourite albums had just turned 40. Then it occurred to me that Paranoid came out like 14 years before I was born, and I stopped feeling quite so old. Today, on the other hand, as I'm spotting a few grey hairs in my beard, I'm again confronting mortality while listening to Black Sabbath's anthemic, under-three-minute masterpiece, the title track from the album in question. All four members of the band really kick ass on this track (though, honestly, they always did on every track). I also really dig that Sabbath could throw down a short, pounding thumper like Paranoid and longer, heavier grooves like Hand of Doom or War Pigs on the same album. I could go on about this all day... but anyway, here's Paranoid.

MrUmlaut 18 Sep 2015