Planet Caravan by Black Sabbath

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Formative teen schooldays, determined my love of rock & prog. For reasons I know not, Ozzy & Co, featured little. Certainly in my case, advancing years has heightened my desire to learn more about the truly influential bands of their era & I found myself tooning into a docu about Sabbath, recently. The recall these guys have of events in the 60s & 70s, never ceases to astound me, especially given my unerring ability to forget why I went to the top of our stairs. The Paranoid album & particularly its cover, are so familiar to me (albums abundant in schoolbags) yet when this track featured, I was simply blown away. It is the epitome of Stonehenge hippiedom, in its drug infused submissiveness. Yep, from Sabbath. Now I've never been baked. Well once, inadvertantly at a gig in Edinburgh, where weed was being smoked in abundance & I was the secondary recipient. However, I do think a small joint & this track, would be quite the thing. You do what you fancy & let me know the   53

21schizoid 15 Dec 2014

Something mellow and trippy, but also slightly unsettling for a Sunday morning.   4

andyknightesq 4 Nov 2012

Incredibly easy to chill out too and was part of the background soundtrack to a pretty much perfect day ❤   7

IndiHatter 7 Sep 2013

Just received some news that's made me very happy with Birmingham. This was the best way I could think of to celebrate - yay for Brummies! :D   11

pwoperfish 15 Nov 2013