Snowblind by Black Sabbath

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I was going to post "Stand Your Ground" by Winterhymn today, but then I got snowed in. So, I had to go with my official song of snow days. And, I suppose, of cocaine days, but I don't have those.   1

MrUmlaut 2 Feb 2015

Way too much snow tonight.   1

MrUmlaut 20 Nov 2014

Love this one, the reason why mi nickname is frost is all due this song... ..."Something blowing in my head Winter's ice, it soon will spread Death would freeze my very soul Makes me happy, makes me cold"...   2

paleltuma 13 Sep 2014

Put on Vol. 4, turn Friday afternoon into Sunday Night. THE SUNDAY NIGHT OF YOUR SOUL   4

deathmtn 7 Dec 2012

What you get and what you see Things that don't come easily Feeling happy in my vein Icicles within my brain

FelixH 12 Jan 2015

Seemed appropriate. Plus it's a killer song.

Brownpants 18 Jan 2013