The Wizard by Black Sabbath

“Classic track from a classic album.”

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Classic track from a classic album.   2

babelfish76 3 Jun 2015

In honour of my trip to the Black Country.

willc00per 10 Feb 2012

Today in music history..On Friday February 13th 1970..The music world changed forever..The release of the self titled Black Sabbath album was the foundation for all metal..It had a couple of cover tunes..And some of the influences are obvious....But it really changed the way I looked at music upon my first listen.. Here are The Grandfathers of Heavy Metal...Enjoy\m/

Aria51 13 Feb 2015

Turns out it's actually illegal to start jamming Birmingham bands without ending on some Black Sabbath!   3

thesunneversets 4 Dec 2012

Too early for Christmas Jams..... Maybe next week.   1

myrtle 12 Dec 2012

Something gentle to usher in the weekend? No? Ok, here's The Wizard instead.

Bilbobraggins 5 Sep 2014