Dead Format by Blanck Mass


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Pretty certain this is the best new track I've heard so far in 2015. A total monster.   1

arewenotben 1 Jul 2015

Like The Field turned up x 10 at a disco

undividual 9 Jul 2015

One word summary of this song? Attack.

IamAWatka 11 Jun 2015

Sound pressure engaged! #BlanckMass

GarethAPearce 11 May 2015

Electronica makes anything better. Think I'm going to be listening to this album quite a lot over the coming months.

Olimite 2 Jun 2015

Best kept secret in the lineup of the Best Kept Secret festival in two weeks, at least for me, although clearly recognizable once you hear it: one of the guys from Fuck Buttons.   2

eviperen 5 Jun 2015