Helicopter by Bloc Party

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but sota was first  

The kind of song I listen to and it immediately takes me back (to being in university, that is)   1

malevolosidade 25 Oct 2013

Track Of The Day (Isle Of Wight Festival preview): http://news.qthemusic.com/2013/06/bloc_party_-_helicopter_isle_o.html

QMagazine 15 Jun 2013

Hoped for a miracle in 2005. Happy in 2006. Less so in 2012.

caffeinedreamer 3 Apr 2014

No real reason here, I had to pick a new jam and this riff popped into my head.

Atticus064 4 Aug 2014

are you hoping for a miracle?

afterlife 1 May 2014

The last song of their second encore. And I was amazed.

Loosqueal 23 Sep 2012