Dreaming by Blondie

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lah_ann 30 Mar 2015

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ShortCurator 13 Jul 2013

So, the other day I see that Blondie are releasing a new album, alongside a re-release of their greatest hits. A double-bill of sorts. I hadn't heard any of the new songs before and I think it'll take me a few listens to get inot it, but I'm kinda looking forward to that. By coincidence, I was talking with the producer of the radio show I contribute to weekly, and he asked me who my favourite drummers were. Bonham (obviously), Mark Brezecki (Big Country), Tony Thompson (Chic), Bill Ward (Sabbath)...then I say "Clem Burke". I hope to be able to play something from Blondie on next week's show, old and new, but both with Clem Burke.   14

cbinseoul 7 May 2014

The first time I heard this, they performed it live on SNL in late 1979 - Steve Martin was the host (I still get excited when the host & musical guest are of the same insanely awesome stature). Clem Burke's drums threatened to mercilessly mow down every thing in it's path as Debbie led the charge - flanked by Chris, Jimmy, Nigel & Frank. Within the first 30 seconds I was hooked. 36 years down the road, and it still has the power to stop me in my tracks. Pure power pop bliss blasting from the radio of the gods. Imagine something of your very own; something you can have and hold - that's dreaming - Blondie-style.

ExileOnEStreet 1 May 2015