Sunday Girl 1979 by Blondie

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I heard this at the fish grill today. That's when I remembered how much I liked this song. I don't even know what it is about it that I have such fondness for. If anything, I'm most enamored by the catchy melody, but the simple, yet pointed lyrics also keep my interest too. True story: I once played this for four hours straight in a hotel room in Boston back in 2008. And in an unrelated note, I was almost thrown out of the same hotel room's window later on that night.   2

mojoshivers 6 Jul 2014

Blondie's voice, here, is tops! So light and lively. So happy. A mindless thing, that merely gives pleasure... An alternate re-mix version can be found here:   11

PeteLaberge 5 May 2014

And because you can't have too much Blondie, it's followed by Dreaming.   7

pjcj 4 Dec 2013

I was born at the tail end of the 70s, and this was Number 1 at the time. I think I was pretty lucky in that respect...   7

crawtonleek 2 Apr 2014

cold as ice cream but still as sweet   1

ghostwitches 20 Feb 2015

Depeche toi

martharose 30 Mar 2012