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So much awesome

RaveofRavendale 27 Mar 2012

The drums on the beginning of this song sound so tribal. Instantly hooked!

trstinson 28 Apr 2015

Yay new Blood Red Shoes!

davidemery 24 Jan 2012

Take a step out into the daylight.

cadepardo 17 Apr 2014

D-d-duh-d-d-duh-d-d-d-duh-d-duh-drums! Snarlin' geetars! Oh! O! Uh! Oh-ooohs! (Uh-uh-ohs!)   4

seaninsound 25 Jan 2012

A great single from the Blood Red Shoes. From new album 'In Time To Voices'. I feel Sex Bob Omb would approve.   6

edgarwright 19 Aug 2012