Hooked on a Feeling by Blue Swede


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From last week and a hint of sci fi to something from the excellent Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack.   3

fsohail 20 Oct 2014

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Jzzb 30 Jul 2014

It's all about you @GeorgiaPeach Lips as sweet as candy Its taste is on my mind Girl, you got me thirsty For another cup o' wine Got a bug from you girl But I don't need no cure I'll just stay a victim If I can for sure

petterahr 17 Apr 2015

@jackie Lane, thanks a lot for getting this irrevocably stuck in my head!

Austio12 9 Aug 2015

On this day in 1974 the number one Billboard hit was Blue Suede's cover of Hooked On A Feeling...Originally released by B.J. Thomas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vE2lY7i5TPo The original Oooonga Chackas pop version was my Jonathon King cover from 1971 https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=13&v=vNLo7OzNd_Q It's been featured in a couple of #cheese flicks as well as a couple of TeeVee shows #covers I also found this Bubblerock edit of the tune entertaining even though Agnetha of ABBA comes across as a voyeur watching me watch the video...Better here than the Burger King...I'm sure @capnhollis and @JakePleaseStahp would agree https://vimeo.com/92548476 Have a great Hump Day my fellow jammers!!!   5

Shaka 1 Apr 2015

#ESCWeek For a long long time Swedes didn't know s**t about music. We were hammering away as most other countries, translating popular tunes to Swedish, living in our own little bubble. But then it all changed and Swedish pop started to grow. Just like the fact that Beatles released their first single on the same day as James Bonds "Dr No" premiered (October 5th 1962), sparkling a new British invasion, the Swedish pop wonder has a day of birth. It’s April 6th 1974, when ABBA conquered ESC in Bristol, on the very same day as this tune reached no 1 on Billboard - the first time ever by a Swedish artist. It should be said that Blue Swede didn’t sing the original song. BJ Thomas did that… and it was written by Mark James who became more famous and financially secure when he wrote both ”Suspicious Minds” and ”Always on My Mind”.   16

Avante 22 May 2015