Go Out by Blur


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New Music: I never thought I'd get to say this... here's the lead single from the brand new forthcoming Blur album! I've had it on loop since it dropped. #newmusic   2

CallumPetch 1 Mar 2015

New Blur. The 90s never died.

jasonbutler 20 Feb 2015

Try again with a version that hopefully plays... (thanks Bea) xx.   1

jonnyneale5 19 Feb 2015

Absolutely bloody love this song.

IrregularShed 21 May 2015

I'm sure it's been jammed a lot already…but I'm just so happy to have new music from blur!

turnerjamese 23 Feb 2015

The new Blur album is really rather good.

garrettc 21 May 2015