Lonesome Street by Blur


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Very "Modern Life is Rubbish"-esque from Blur v2.0   1

TBBYNH 23 Mar 2015


laurafantyz 3 Apr 2015

Time has finally come!4 days to see blur live for the first time!can't wait :)

ladygad 16 Jun 2015

#New/2015 ....Saw Blur live at Hyde Park on Saturday where this song from their new album "The Magic Whip" was a highlight. Unfortunately, my overriding memory of this gig will be the plastic beakers of urine being thrown around ( raining piss ) ...with one hitting me on the back of my neck.....oh well, at least I easily got a seat on the train home because of that........   41

debutch 22 Jun 2015

For me, the standout track on Magic Whip. By which I mean the track that would fit most readily on Modern Life Is Rubbish...   2

pip 10 Jul 2015

This seems to be on repeat on the internal jukebox.   1

boredofthis 28 Apr 2015