Ong Ong by Blur

“Love this lil simple tune.”

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Love this lil simple tune.

weallshineon 24 Apr 2015

This makes me happy.

jdeleven 9 Jun 2015

This new track from the most excellent reunion of the original 4 members of Blur is one of my favorite singalongs in a while and I felt the need to spread it over the virtual world. C'mon people, support these artists! "Ong Ong" is from their FANTASTIC new album The Magic Whip, their first all together in 17 years!!

countpopula 15 Jun 2015

Someone please tell me what song this song reminds me of.

Joslynm 16 Jul 2015

This must be a hit, I keep hearing it.

markwtaylor1 14 Jun 2015

Still haven't gotten around to hearing the album yet but this is ace.   1

Olimite 14 Jun 2015