Girl from the North Country by Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash

“Just discovered this - excellent”

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Just discovered this - excellent   1

johnburns5220 9 Jan 2015

Never considered myself a great Bob Dylan fan but was a wee boy when sister got Nashville Skyline,loved this one.   7

allymac 20 Apr 2014

What is not to love...

flukeystrumpet 20 Dec 2014

A truly beautiful song by two legends..........this showcases both their talents......   7

njparry 20 Feb 2014

Ich meinte eigentlich "Lay lady lay", aber das hier ist auch sehr groß.

keano 29 Jan 2012

Live on the Johnny Cash Show. Haven't jammed Dylan yet and I was reminded of this hearing Roy Harper's version and was listening to Cash's American IV yesterday so this brings it all together. Cash is just too cool.   6

fsohail 12 Jun 2013