A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall by Bob Dylan


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I went to Bob Dylan's show last night and he sang this song, it took me a few minutes to realize it was this song because he changed the arrangement for his band and also because he sounds like a pirate and I had to listen very carefully to hear the lyrics. I'm so glad I got to see him though, if only I could've seen him 50 years ago.

maddi909 28 Jun 2013

The best version of A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall?

nonoostar 4 Mar 2014

Soundtrack to a stormy night. This clip must be OLD.   1

ConorTV 19 Sep 2013

It is, it is!

DaisyAnn 15 Dec 2013

Half a century old...... "I know my song well before I start singing"   1

audiarie 21 Aug 2013

From George Harrison's Concert for Bangladesh.

MrPope 16 Jul 2014