Duquesne Whistle by Bob Dylan

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I'm loving Bob's new album. You got to love his determination even though he lost his signature voice.   8

nicolauacornpro 4 Sep 2012

Been ages since I have got on this, great song, he's still got it

samiranculbert 29 Nov 2013

I love Bob Dylan's new album. This is a great track off of it. Keep it up Bob!   2

nicolauacornpro 4 Sep 2012

A re-Jam!! So looking forward to getting this next week. Heard a stream on iTunes yesterday, it's wonderful   7

adrian4acn 5 Sep 2012

I was trying to find Tight Connection to my Heart (Has Anybody Seen my Love), but found this instead. It's wonderful, what a great opening.#Dylan.

bradscanlan 14 Jun 2014

New song from Bobby D. Alternative link on NPR: http://tinyurl.com/9fdpkrs   1

Maddieman 27 Aug 2012