It's All Over Now, Baby Blue by Bob Dylan

“my homage to the brilliant series Breaking Bad.....”

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but mousleyj was first  

my homage to the brilliant series Breaking Bad.....   7

DiamondDog 17 Oct 2013

Farewell TIMJ. I'm heading over to to see how that goes.   11

BarneyRubble 11 Aug 2015

It's been truly wonderful on here. I've met some incredible people because of #TIMJ. I'm looking forward to exploring GJ to the hilt. Hopefully I'll see you all over there. #FinalJam #LastJam (I'm not emotional... ...)   54

KerryEJordan 25 Sep 2015

Bye bye this is my jam. It was fun.

FortunesSon 23 Sep 2015

Sad news indeed .

hardennizen 10 Aug 2015

This is my favorite Dylan song: the one my mom sang me before I was even born.   1

melking 10 Aug 2015