It's All Over Now, Baby Blue by Bob Dylan

“Farewell TIMJ. I'm heading over to to see how that goes.”

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Farewell TIMJ. I'm heading over to to see how that goes.   11

BarneyRubble 11 Aug 2015


MVDellarocca 26 Sep 2015

I decided to start 2015 by listening through Dylan's back catalogue in order (up to a point*) and have reached Bringing It All Back Home. Certainly applaud his decision to go electric but this one from the acoustic side is his best song yet. I wonder what he'll do next... *by which I mean: Desire   3

furlongthedog 12 Jan 2015

Sad news indeed .

hardennizen 10 Aug 2015

my homage to the brilliant series Breaking Bad.....   7

DiamondDog 17 Oct 2013

Bye bye this is my jam. It was fun.

FortunesSon 23 Sep 2015