Lay Lady Lay by Bob Dylan


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but JP was first  

I had a dream last night that I was waiting in a very posh bar before seeing Dylan play live. The alarm went off for Lloyd to go to work before I actually got to see him but this has been in my head since. My favourite Dylan track so pleased it has stuck with me #Sundaysoother   13

abigail.deeks 3 May 2015

Probably listened to this 10 times today at work. Still in love.

gabbyjpg 5 Jul 2015

Saw him live last week. Here's what I think was his first post-motorcycle accident hit, made his voice lower.

JP 26 Nov 2011

Currently in Nepal. Can't stop listening to this. Tune.   7

edclarke 4 Jun 2013

Probably jammed this before. Oh well. Probably one of the top ten songs of all time...........   7

obadiah99 27 Apr 2014

my first Dylan jam....always they are blocked,or i got caught up in 'covers. August '69,Isle of Wight,a little dot on a best music year. He chose the tiny Isle to make a comeback after a near fatal bike accident and to indulge in a family holiday....'memories.. see Wiki-Isle of Wight festival 1969...   30

lynn200 2 Aug 2013