Young Gifted and Black by Bob & Marcia

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Bob and Marcia were a Jamaican vocal duo, that consisted of Bob Andy and Marcia Griffiths. They had several UK hits in the early 70's before going their separate ways.   3

kompani101 22 Jul 2014

Little tip for you kids, from my wealth of life experience. If you are ever asked during a job interview to describe yourself in 3 words, it is not funny - no matter how stoned you are - to describe yourself as young, gifted and black. Especially if you are middle aged, shit and white. I would rather tend to lean toward the answer "Slow, stupid and hungry."   1

roobe 8 May 2015

Couldn't find a good version with horns backing. But it's still pretty good with strings! #ReggaeWeek   3

SenatorForLife 10 Aug 2013

For the morning.

BBBlood 20 Aug 2013

A danceable solution to teenage revolution...

widdersbel 16 Dec 2013