Across 110th Street by Bobby Womack

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Feeling it.   1

nataliepo 5 Dec 2011

Our final day in New York and one of my very favourite related tracks. Back to London related Jams later...   9

BertrandRustles 25 Jul 2013

All night long. RIP, Bobby.

nateb 28 Jun 2014

Probably my favourite Bobby Womack track

JayWatson 2 Aug 2015

I've given up on saying this is my last jam as they keep changing things so instead this week's jam is in honour of the fact I will be in New York this week & at some point I may be going across 110th Street.....then again maybe not either way it's a great tune.......

devious31 6 Sep 2015

The 70s Urban jams continue with Bobby Womack's, Across 110th Street. Love this tune. Yeah, been playing some pop tunes lately, but I can't help it. Feeling the soul! Hope some enjoy this tune. As always, take care, be cool and peace out...   4

capnhollis 12 Jun 2015