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Okay so at number 2 on my Top 10 Albums of 2014 its Bombay Bicycle Club - So Long, See You Tomorrow! This is Bombays 4th album and easily my favourite! They're a band that have had a strong following ever since their debut album and single 'Always Like This' came out back in 2008, but they don't just stick to one sound, they like to experiment on each album and the sound they're currently going with is the best so far for me! Even just the songs on this album are very different from one another, this being shown on songs like 'Feel' which has Indian influences! They also feature some amazing artists both on tour and the albums, such as Lucy Rose, Liz Lawrence and Rae Morris (featured on this song), who I spoke to several times last year and is definitely going to be big this year! Bombay were one of my favourite live bands of 2014, the visuals they had as a background were stunning and highly recommend trying to catch a gig! Standout songs: Luna, Feel, Home By Now, Come To   2

DownRabbitHole 14 Jan 2015

Catch-Up Jam: Of all of the comeback singles released in January, this was my second favourite. I adore the build to and release of the chorus. The harmonies, especially, are gorgeous.

CallumPetch 6 Feb 2014

With love and admiration to the TIMJ team for building something special.

richoakley 25 Sep 2015

#Top31Tracksof2014: And so, once again, my Album of the Year fails to also contain my Song of the Year, although it was unbelievably close, this time. Bombay Bicycle Club have always been one of those bands that I wanted to like more than I actually did, their singles being fantastic but their albums sort of just existing. "So Long, See You Tomorrow" changed that, delivering 10 straight smashes, exploring all possible facets of their alt-pop sound, and each track filled with mammoth stadium-wide hooks and choruses - even the ones that were more focussed on emotions and mood than choruses (the gorgeous "Home By Now").  But it was "Luna", it was always "Luna", that was going to end up on my list. I mean... listen to it! Just listen to the thing! It's pretty much perfect and, despite having come out last January, I still have not gotten sick of it! #bestof2014   4

CallumPetch 30 Jan 2015

This tune's a powerhouse.

kdigilio 14 May 2015

my first jam of 2014 is from an album I'm looking forward to a lot in 2014. Carry Me was superb, and so is this.

asfisher 6 Jan 2014