Calgary by Bon Iver

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For Amanda cause this was playing when I left the island and got hugs from Moe. xo

tcammett 23 Nov 2011

The best part about this website is that I can change the song's cover art, I like being able to choose a visual representation of the feeling I get from the song. It makes the whole thing more personal, I'm not just sharing a song I like, I'm putting a feeling with the song which I think gives it more depth and meaning. I usually pick a Bouguereau painting, cuz he's the master, u kno? This song is beautiful, the harmony, the end where it gets real soft. It's a work of art.   2

maddi909 6 Aug 2013

Exquisite track with a beautiful video.   8

Bukowski 25 Mar 2013


demilian 23 Feb 2014

This always stops me, wherever I am, and reminds me to soak up the moment. Be grateful.

dunkedball 18 Nov 2014

The great Bon Iver, I think he is so under rated as an number 62....hard to pick one song...hope you all love this as much as I do....I close my eyes and drift......   3

njparry 10 Nov 2014