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This is just one of those perfect songs.   2

TomAtLarge 26 Apr 2015

via I clicked through Facebook photos I was tagged in, and hit a video. I didn't even know you could post those or tag people in them. This thing has been there for years and I have never seen it. One minute and 46 seconds. Friends knocking at my door. A brief look around my apartment in Santa Barbara, and Bon Iver's Re:Stacks blaring over soft mariachi music from the park across the street. I smile a little. I looked so happy! Then I start crying. Maybe it's the music. Maybe it's the clean apartment. Maybe it's a salty breeze I can almost taste. Maybe it's the way I smiled. I am breaking my own heart and I need to remember how to be in that moment. That one. The one where I say hello, smile, and later we go out. The one where two of us split a second beer via a friendly bartender's soda fountain suggestion of two straws. The one where he makes fun of us and it doesn't matter because it is funny and we laugh   2

alexis 12 Apr 2014

I'll keep throwing it down $200 at a time...when your money's gone and you're drunk as hell...your love will be safe with me

babaodo 29 Aug 2014

Such a beaut...

DaisyAnn 4 Aug 2014

A very close friend introduced this song to me...and now its our theme song. #magic

tobinsmith 4 May 2014

A very beautiful song.

ACHarding 6 Nov 2011