Degausser by Brand New

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supraphonic 11 Jan 2013

The process of degaussing is decreasing the strength of magnetic fields, or removing electric charge. The lyrics in the song seem to use this a metaphor for losing strength in traits related to identity and meaning such as love and hope. There also seems to be an oscillation between being good and bad, paralleled with the volume and intensity of certain parts of the song. Beautifully written.

DasMak 20 Mar 2015

In honour of my first tattoo, my favourite song by the band that inspired it.

philwangersky 16 Jul 2013

I am still on a high from Saturday. Hands down the best band I have ever seen. I could listen to this on repeat for eternity.   1

mduchezeau 15 Apr 2014

Last Brand New jam, because I'm off to see them today. This is from easily their finest album.   1

infovore 12 Feb 2012

I love you so much that it hurts my head.

LilHan 12 Feb 2015