The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows by Brand New


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So keep the blood in your head and keep your feet on the ground. If today's the day it gets tired, today's the day we drop out...   2

fake13 27 May 2015

... because sometimes it's nice to feel 16 again. I can almost taste the Pink Pugsley.

j_hunter_hkr 10 Jan 2014

time for my annual visit to this site :P   1

LarryM98 24 Jul 2015

You will not regret listening to the chorus

yandell 15 Apr 2014

@brandnewrock This song brings back so many memories. I suddenly feel like going for a drive. These lads don't release a lot of music and their sound has changed a lot over the years. But this one encapsulates what I loved and love about them: clever, thoughtful and anxty lyrics. This one also has that sing-along element, which is a common thread in all the favourites I'll share here.

Philbert 5 Apr 2015