Strange Overtones by Brian Eno & David Byrne

“Some strange overtones for your Monday. Thanks, Michael!”

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Some strange overtones for your Monday. Thanks, Michael!   3

TeamJamPicks 1 Oct 2012

So a beer I originally built for my apartment way back in 2012 just took a city wide award. It's gone through a lot, and similarly traveled with me through the highs and lows of life (changing and modifying along the way). Here's a throw back to a tune I abused during its inception.

BillMcGeeney 29 May 2014

i revisited this album today and it means a lot to me and i hope they collaborate again sometime

jonahpeters 13 Jan 2015

i've going through eno & byrne's work these days... fantastic track from 'Everything that happens will happen today'.   1

ThingInABook 16 Apr 2014

Two men still doing 'it' well.

loboska 15 Dec 2014

This site is not working for me right now, so I hope this works, as I couldn't preview.   5

denizenofdreams 22 Jul 2012