Baby's on Fire by Brian Eno

“running through my head this morning.”

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running through my head this morning.   1

meg_aera 30 Apr 2012

Peter Capaldi says: "You have this drumbeat that batters along, then this guitar solo comes in sounding like a maths professor on acid." #artschoolguitarsolos   4

thesunneversets 12 Aug 2013

Good version.   2

tpjdavies 15 Feb 2014

This final week has to be my eternal jam - Baby's On Fire by Brian Eno. Thanks, This Is My Jam!

sjohndavey 19 Sep 2015

The song that popped up from nowhere to give me direction when I was doing my Illustration degree...#influential

sjohndavey 5 Apr 2014

Got to sing this for Karaoke Underground at PRFBBQ2013. Awesome time in spite of my already shot voice.   2

thefamilyghost 26 Jun 2013