The Big Ship by Brian Eno

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From the great 1975 album Another Green World. On this track, Eno plays all the instruments/devices himself for an imagistic tone painting far from his pop-rock roots.   6

clementix 11 Aug 2014

The song I want played at my funeral. If there's more time the whole album would be nice.

edsu 26 Sep 2015

The past few days I've overloaded on Brian Eno. No regrets.

waterloo 12 Jan 2013

Perfectly fit into a film I watched recently.

kinslowdian 16 Sep 2015

"[David Foster] Wallace thought it captured earth in the time of the dinosaurs."

yesquite 2 Sep 2012

Perhaps the perfect song?   1

PurpleMFTW 13 May 2015