Strawberry Letter 23 by Brothers Johnson


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Part Disco, Part Funk. All Samuel L driving around with a body in the trunk.   1

jimtoepel 15 May 2015

Great version of Shuggie Otis classic.What a player Louis was.R.I.P.Known as 'Thunder Thumbs'.Listen to MJ's Billie Jean to hear why.#FunkyFriday.   15

tpjdavies 27 May 2015

My 'favorite endings' game ran into too many content restrictions problems so I'll close out with some of my favorite jams I'd feel guilty not posting if I left them out...

Hudahek_Izzy 14 Sep 2015

Rewatched Jackie Brown a few days ago, so now this song is officially in charge of my life.

shakeymike 7 Apr 2015

This is an all time favorite of mine that I can listen to at any time. I particularly enjoy it driving at night for some reason.

mrquick 31 May 2014

Get your funk on. :)

JayWatson 31 Jul 2015