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Jams from the music team at The CDCard Company - http://www.cdcard.com   1

acardandagift 20 Mar 2014

Ahhh but don't you believe them!

BabsSheKing 20 Mar 2014

Live version. Even more magical.

samuelpalin 11 Apr 2012

I think this is nice. :-)   33

heatherrings 7 Dec 2013

Though Texan, I don't have much of a southern accent except when I get drunk. Part of my childhood was spent up north and they said I had a speech impediment. They said I spoke half the alphabet wrong. I was too young to object. As it turns out, there are certain ways to speak English correctly, and the southern states do not, but this is changing. Much of the south tends to rebel against a lot of things, like science and reason and.. well this past week has been rough for many people here in the south. Gay marriage becoming constitutional. The confederate flag being considered racist, despite the argument it represents heritage and tradition. In my youth I was often told crazy things both by adults in the north and adults in the south, things that didn't make much sense to me at the time. If I tried to object, they'd tell me that's just the way it is. "Some things will never change. That's just the way it is." Ah, but don't you believe them. They do, they have, and they will.   20

ZachsMind 29 Jun 2015

From @mrquick 's "Strangers by The Kinks"

DigDoug 7 Jul 2015