The River by Bruce Springsteen


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One of the most iconic intros in Rock history - thanks to our friend, the harmonica. Also, quite possibly, The Boss's finest five minutes #harmonicaweek

tomdwilly 1 Sep 2014

Went down to the river... and into the river we dived!   2

samarjitenator 6 Aug 2014

A little nostalgia on this lovely autumn day.

kathleenogrady 11 Nov 2014

Just felt like listening to this today. Love this version, love the intro. From a time when musicians could actually make iconic live albums.

Gummi 5 Dec 2013

The river live with the story before he sings it @peteleberge @shirl @lynn200   8

USMC_SemperFi 21 Sep 2013

A real cocktail of emotions. Unthinking zest for life crashing into cold reality. Two people coping by retreating into their own worlds, longing to go back and start over. A real Country classic - play it backwards and it has a happy ending. :)

linton 28 Apr 2014