A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall by Bryan Ferry


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It's #GlamWeek leftover because it's Bryan Ferry, it's #glumweek because there's; seven sad forests, dozen dead oceans, the mouth of a graveyard, a thousand broken tongues, children with guns and swords, waves that drown the whole world, one person starving, a dead poet in the gutter, a crying clown, a dead pony, men wounded by love and hatred, many empty hands, poison in the water, damp dirty prison, forgotten souls and a hard rain that’s gonna fall. Sounds like a typical day in the Bush.   35

kemiladashdot 10 Sep 2013

Today's wseather: Spanish vocab test you forgot to revise for, detention and no coat. With that in mind, A Hard Rain's A Gonna Fall by Bryan.   6

loboska 16 Sep 2015

Classic Dylan - classic Ferry!   7

newley 14 Mar 2013

Better than Dylan's original? Oh, yessssssss   7

steranko 13 Dec 2013

They don't call this place Canada's "Wet Coast" for nothing...   5

mloup 7 Dec 2014

The greatest Dylan cover of all time. Back me up on this one, @BertrandRustles #DylanCovers   3

tomdwilly 26 Sep 2014