For What It's Worth by Buffalo Springfield

“It seems the right night for this one.”

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It seems the right night for this one.

Evaine 19 Jun 2015

Well - this song is 48 years old and tonight of all nights it rings as true as ever. Tune in, chill out UK

howayman 8 May 2015

There's something happening here.......   2

obadiah99 22 Nov 2014

Have a lovely weekend. UN International Day of Peace tomorrow so be nice :)   19

abigail.deeks 20 Sep 2013

1967 written by Stephen Stills - the song's title appears nowhere in its lyrics and was originally called Stop Hey What's that Sound.   2

DavidAnderson 10 Nov 2014

Ending the week with some Buffalo Springfield.   8

metallicagirl 8 May 2015