Loner by Burial

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definitely not metal.

jwfitzsi1 31 Dec 2012

This is gently, quietly magnificent.

jenoro 4 Apr 2014

A bit of bloody Burial to stick it up yer bum. This makes me go "doodeloo-doodeloo-doodeloo-doodeloo".

FatRoland 10 Sep 2013

This does great & strange things to my brain!

denizenofdreams 4 Apr 2015

Can't pin down what this reminds me of: Tangerine Dream? This Mortal Coil? Dextromethorphan-laced cough syrup?   3

Discographies 8 Mar 2012

Pretty sure I've jammed this before. It's just so damn good.

sondh 18 Feb 2013