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This is my guilty music pleasure of 2013.   1

bdlflt 17 Dec 2013

Fatter and older but still busting - Q-Tip and Busta Rhymes - it's been a while ...

JuliaBell 23 Jan 2014

Starring Busta Rhymes and a whole host of Hip-Hop's glitterati this is our last Jam of 2013

VoiceOfSE 30 Dec 2013

It feels good, don't it?

LittleSocrates 17 Feb 2014

Been playing this for days now. The Abstract's second verse is just killer.

mattzki 28 Nov 2013

I love Childish Gambino, but this album/track takes the cake for best in 2013

GringoSuave 30 Dec 2013