St. James Infirmary by Cab Calloway

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but Matteson was first  

Hard to decide between this video and the amazing Fleischer Betty Boop cartoon, but I love looking at Calloway's face too much.   2

sgrrrd 4 Sep 2014


chrissherman01 11 Feb 2013

I guess this is it. Eternal jam. This Is My Jam (2011-2015) Goodnight, Sweet Prince.   3

godinpants 6 Sep 2015

So good, so sad   1

mattysones 18 Mar 2013

Really can't get enough of this atm, song r the cartoon :)

bakerboyalex 8 Aug 2013

I generally don't care that much for big band music (altho' i'm sure some know-it-all could point out some way this is not big band), but Cab's voice is so crazy and drug-fueled that i can't help but love this song. also, it's in a crazy Betty Boop carton easily viewable on youtube (recommended!).

rivalsanlendo 6 Apr 2014