Willkommen by Cabaret

“Cabaret tomorrow!”

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Cabaret tomorrow!

totalerquatsch 8 May 2014

Saw this musical over the weekend and it was really good =]

fouduroi 3 Dec 2012

An old classic to commemorate ein sehr gut trip to Berlin with @flaneur   2

fletchero 24 Jul 2014

"Even the orchestra is beautiful-"

TheWordman 9 Aug 2013

Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome im Cabaret, au Cabaret, to Cabaret...

azaharap 18 Apr 2013

I once wrote an analysis of the film as an essay. My teacher gave me E- because he didn't understand a word of what I was talking about there. It made me so angry - cause I knew I was right and did a good job. He even stated that Brian doesn't get beaten up by the nazis in the movie. He does. My job was flawless. I was brilliant - period. And the film is brilliant, too :D

DamonMorgenster 12 Feb 2015